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-Our Mission-

Provide a fashionable design, reasonable price, good quality to customer.


DRM Carbon is a company that specialized on Carbon Fiber Car's Body kits. 

 This company had been started more than 8 years. 


Our company main on Carbon Fiber Car's Body kits such as Bonnet, Bumper, Skirt, Spoiler, lip, Fender, Grill, etc...

Carbon Fiber Bonnet and Spoiler is our main product, some of the bonnet are designed by our own company's director according to customer favor.

Other than Malaysia, we do selling our product to other country such as India, Canada, Hong Kong and more. We're also a supplier if your company want to buy a large amount of product feel free to contact us for a good price.

Worry About Quality Of Product?

Our employees trained to ensure the quality of the product to give customer a good experience after purchasing our product. We understand that sometimes courier delivery will cause the item broken when the item arrive your address, to solve this problem, we will pack the item carefully and cover all the ankle of the item to ensure the item wouldn't broke when it dropped.

Other Platform

If you're looking for more car's body kits, feel free to visit our online platform.





More Question?

Our employees are friendly. Don't feel hesitate to contact us if you have more question on our product. We're willing to help you to answer all those question.